Likewise, the report also suggests a male CEO’s own wages rise 6.3
percent after the birth of a son and 3.5 percent after the birth of a

Zhang Fuhong, 39, a veterinarian who graduated from Shandong
Agricultural University, started his professional career in 2012 and now
owns a pet hospital in Liaocheng.

The report suggests that the CEOs who become fathers may change their
view towards their female staff and see them as more competent。

Compared with doctors for people, veterinarians need to treat different
kinds of animals and a wide variety of diseases, Xiong said. To some
extent, they must have more professional knowledge and need more


He said that the average starting salary for veterinary graduates is
4,000 yuan a month, and in three years their earnings can surpass 10,000
yuan, higher than the salaries of many other majors.

The findings were drawn up with the help of more than 1,600 births to
18,000 male CEOs at 10,655 private companies in Denmark between 1996 and

The number of pets in China has increased by 12 percent every year for
10 years, Beijing Youth Daily reported in March. China has become the
world’s third-largest pet market, just behind the United States and
Japan, with the sales of supplies for dogs and cats reaching 172 billion
yuan in 2016.



But in general, women can cash in when a male CEO has children,
regardless of gender。

Xin Wen contributed to this story.


Few students, especially female students, wanted to become vets in the
past due to a heavy workload, low salary and bad working environment.
But we have had good applicants in the past two years, and more than 60
percent of them are female.

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ca88,It’s not a very respectable job in many people’s eyes, Zhang said. But
it’s very easy to find a job if you study to be a veterinarian.


Xiong said some veterinary medicine graduates don’t end up providing
direct medical services, instead opting for jobs as civil servants or
veterinary medicine researchers, aggravating the country’s shortage of


A small pet hospital, which has fewer than 10 employees, can make more
than 10 million yuan a year, he said. A pet hospital affiliated with our
university receives at least 40 pets a day.

那份切磋告诉是由奥尔堡大学管农学教书迈克尔•达尔与密苏里大学Smith商大学[微博]传授知识Christian•德索、哥伦比亚(República de Colombia)商院助教戴维•加迪斯•罗丝共同编慕与著述的,并于下1日在花旗国农业科学学会年会上刊载。

He said that veterinary medicine schools in the country should be
equipped with more laboratory equipment and students should have a
chance to gain more clinical experience to help ease the shortage.


Up to 10,000 students graduate with majors in the field every year in
China, but the country is still short more than 1 million vets, said
Xiong Fuqiang, deputy Party chief ofNanjing Agricultural
‘s veterinary medicine school.


Zhao Yanbin, vice-president of the school, said more Chinese families
are willing to spend money on their pets, including expensive medical

And when the son is the executive’s first child, female employees’
salaries actually go up 0.8 percent。

Animals share more than 90 percent of the same diseases with people.
They also have diabetes, heart disease and liver failure, he said. But
Zhao said medical expenses for pets-which are subject to less
regulation-can be double those for people.

The next time you are invited to ‘wet the baby’s head’ with a boss who
has just become a parent, be warned: his new offspring could well affect
your salary。

An MRI for pets can cost 2,500 to 3,000 yuan, while dialysis costs about
10,000 yuan.

That figure drops to 0.4 percent if he fathers a son。

Veterinarians perform an ultrasound test on a dog in May at a pet hospital in Shenyang, Liaoning province. Provided to CHINA DAILY

If the boss and his wife have a daughter for their first child,
employees’ wages are more likely to rise, the report suggests。

Xiong said Nanjing, with 8 million people, had almost no pet hospitals
before 2006, but now it has more than 100. He estimated the pet care
market in China will keep increasing by 30 to 35 percent yearly.

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ca88 2


The demand for practitioners shows no signs of slowing.

Even when the executive has a son, female employees’ salaries shrink by
a more modest 0.2 percent, compared to a 0.5 percent drop for male

More students in China are choosing veterinary medicine as a career
thanks to rising salaries and the growing demand for animal care,
according to industry sources.

Wages can go up or down depending on the baby’s gender and the head of a
company could significantly change the way he looks at his employees
after the birth of a child, according to new research。

Among the team’s findings are that when a male chief executive has a
baby, his workers’ salaries shrink by 0.2 percent, or about $100 per
year, reports The Wall Street Journal。





The paper, written by Aalborg University economics professor Michael
Dahl, University of Maryland Smith School of Business professor Cristian
Dezso and Columbia Business School professor David Gaddis Ross, was
presented last week at the American Economics Association annual

The authors suggest this might be because the chief executive feels the
need to hoard resources and protect his own family in the event of
financial hardship。

ca88 3首席营业官生小家伙职员和工人降薪资

In that event, the wages of female employees are more likely to rise by
1.1 percent, compared to a 0.6 percent for male employees。



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